Graze Analytics

Get great feedback

Private, actionable feedback from all guests to build a better restaurant.

  • Get 10x more feedback than Yelp + Google Reviews*
  • Collect feedback on specific menu items
  • Ask guests custom questions
  • Email unhappy guests to bring them back
  • Turn guests into loyal regulars
  • Improve staff training

*Based on feedback collected at a live restaurant

A simple feedback tool for your restaurant

  1. We design a custom QR code for your restaurant to add to each table or include with the receipt.
  2. Guests leave feedback about the individual menu items they had and any custom questions after scanning the QR code. Feedback is private, granular, and actionable. Custom questions could be about service and atmosphere.
  3. Your restaurant gets feedback in real-time on the feedback dashboard. See real feedback below.

Get actionable feedback and guest emails

The feedback and emails shown below are real.


Graze Analytics is a simple, elegant way to obtain invaluable, difficult-to-get customer feedback. Graze has provided immediately actionable information on specific menu items, service practices and personnel that have made us better. We have found that formulating our own questions about specific items or practices has allowed us to focus on specific issues, investigate and, if needed, fix things quickly.
- Jerry Zimmerman and Carolyn Brown
Owners of Maggie’s Farm Pizza
Graze Analytics enables us to effectively understand what our guests like and don’t like about their experience at Oasis Falafel. With this actionable feedback from guests, we can improve Oasis Falafel in ways that were not previously possible.
- Naftaly Stramer
Owner of Oasis Falafel

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$95/month per location

  • Guest emails
  • Menu-item specific feedback
  • Custom questions
  • Private feedback
  • Live feedback dashboard
  • Incentive program support